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October 2, 2013
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LC: Luedeth Auvrenea by lily-kat LC: Luedeth Auvrenea by lily-kat

^^^^^^^^^ Very cool group! They're in need of members to fill up the remaining factions and still open, but not for long!

I felt like drawing a creepy monster OC. u////u He's a bad guy! lol
Pls don't be afraid to play with me though X''DD
I like to rp through notes, comments and google docs!

Thanks for the help btw, *NeonBluh!! XD


☩Name: Luedeth Auvrenea (aka Blood of the Night or Blood Knight)
☩Gender: Male
☩Age: Unknown (appears to be 25-27)
☩Race: Wraithwalker (originally human)
☩Height: 6'4" / 193 cm


|Swordsmanship| -  well-trained knight with many years of practice
|Mounting| - experience in mounting horses and other large animals

|Natural Ability| Bone Reconstruction | - He can fix and regenerate broken bones and also grow them into horns, tail and wings, or as weapons as well, his bones may inflict diseases on others too

|Natural Ability| Pestilence Host | - He carries highly infectious diseases within his body, also lodging mutated parasites that feed on human flesh. He may infect others through flesh wounds inflicted by his bones, sometimes a scratch being enough. The diseases inflicted by him can't be healed through normal means, needing a very specific kind of healing magic or a real doctor to be cured.

|Natural Ability| Undead Symbiosis | - He has a giant undead parasite growing from his back with which he shares a symbiotic relationship. The parasite needs Lue's body to survive feeding directly on the Limbo essence that courses through it. In exchange the parasite head can also feed on other people's quintessence by biting them, granting Lue temporary surges of power. He becomes physically stronger, and can resist to some spell attacks.

☩Faction: Wraithwalkers


- Chaos Duke
- Knight


- Cursed Armor (dyed in blood)
- Scythe blade (attached to the armor)
- Claymore
- Family medallion

☩Character History:

Originally a highborn, Lue was the awaited second child of the Auvrenea family who had only a daughter. Being traditionally a family for well-bred knights, a boy was all they wanted, but Lue's mother had some trouble in conceiving. So when they finally had him, the boy was spoiled to no end. His older sister eventually fell ill though, and afraid their treasured only son contracted the disease, his family kept her isolated and locked away in her room. Lue didn't particularly dislike her, and felt no attachment for her either, but he did pity her. He once caught a glimpse of her when the servants changed the sheets of her bed, which were never reused but burnt instead. He remembered her when he was a little kid, she was so beautiful with her long red flowy locks, pale skin and light freckles. But the cruel disease had progressed thoughout the years, horribly deforming her fingers and her face, open lesions and lacerations covered her once smooth skin, a cure seemed more and more unlikely. Although debilitating, it refused to kill her, but she'd never get married and would remain forever hidden like a shameful secret in the family.

And one day, their family had enough, they decided to kill her and put an end to her misery. They poisoned her and she had no say on the matter, whether she wanted to continue to live like this or not, they couldn't risk their son catching it. Lue eavesdropped and heard them talking. Her body was all wrapped in bandages when they burned it. That was his first experience with death, he was 10 years old, and he had such cold eyes while he watched the fire. Death was something so distant, it would never happen to him, he was young, young people could feel like they were immortal. However, that wasn't the case with the people who surrounded him, and so he decided he'd never get attached.

Lue was trained in combat and swordsmanship since young age, taken under the wing of a senior knight, it didn't take long for him to surpass him. He showed great aptitude and was very focused, but his tutor felt there was something missing in him. Lue's words and vows sounded empty, he showed no concern over others, or even over lives. Once again dismissed as the cockiness of an inexperienced youth, he would soon learn, or so they thought. But he never did. The senior knight was easily killed in combat right before his eyes, and his death was quickly avenged by Lue's sword, as it was his duty. But once again he felt nothing as the man who taught him everything passed away with his face down in a pool of his own blood. He was old, he was never that good anyway, Lue thought coldly. Pitiful.

He was made knight and quickly ascended due to his great skills and attack strategies. He was even able to command his own unit. More and more, Lue felt like he was above others, the rules didn't apply to him. He did many outrageous things, like ordering the massacre of an entire small village under the pretext they were all traitors. Not even women and children were spared. Later, overwhelmed by the guilt, the knights under his command turned against him. Lue found it laughable, as if their regret would do them any good now. They wanted to take him back so that he'd be judged for his crimes. Lue fought and killed many of them, they couldn't handle him anymore and retreated, telling others he had given in to darkness and become a monster, pinning the blame for all atrocities on him. Lue was badly injured, but he wouldn't die, death wasn't for him, he was strong, his fate was his to decide, unlike how it happened with his sister. He was above all of that. And so he withdrew to the Land of Stillness. Many decades went by, with time it became just a legend about a cursed knight who had become a Wraithwalker, a living nightmare they should hope to never cross paths with.


Lue is a sociopath, he has no feelings for anyone besides himself. He thinks of himself as better and superior than everyone else, immortal, above all rules. He won't follow or obey anyone, has no respect. Somewhat narcissistic, he might show some interest in others if they fawn over him enough, but will also kill them without hesitation. He likes to fight, but loves the most to win. He's antisocial, and will rather isolate himself, for him dealing with others is too boring. They're all foolish and he doesn't understand how they think. Violent and sadistic, he might enjoy putting others through pain, even more if they put up a fight, it makes all the more fun when they finally give in. Uncapable of showing remorse or guilt, he never cried. He's also domineering and power hungry. Usually serious, doesn't smile or joke much. Under threat or pain he might laugh crazily. Extremely vindictive.


- Plucking the wings of birds
- The feeling of his blade cutting through flesh
- Making others cower in fear
- Silence
- Ballroom dances
- Music from string instruments


- People in general
- Authority
- Trivial discussions
- Losing
- Death (his own, he's actually really afraid of dying)
- His heart being touched (lol literally, through the hole in his chest)


- He lives alone in some old ruins of a castle at the Land of Stillness, he doesn't welcome visitors
- He lost his right eye to one of the knights formerly under his command, and made sure he paid dearly for it
- He has maggots crawling out of his missing eye, in his human form he hides it under his bangs
- The hole in his chest was caused by a spell attack that nearly costed his life when he was about to become a wraith, since then it never closed again, it's usually covered and well-protected
- The giant parasite on his back kept biting him, so he cut its eyes and sew them to punish it, now it only bites other people, it was named "Morty"


full-body ref
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i-Shinnie Featured By Owner May 6, 2014   Digital Artist
WAT THE WAT THE! WAT DID I MISS!! //cry a river

Aww~ A devil afraid of the dead~ How cute~~ XD XD~

Very nice design LMAO~

lily-kat Featured By Owner May 8, 2014   Digital Artist
:iconpapmingblushplz: What cute ahahaha
Yes, I made him but I had to quit the group soon because of my health problems :iconlazycryplz:
i-Shinnie Featured By Owner May 11, 2014   Digital Artist
Your bby :iconpapmingplz: ~ Can I just hang him on my room's wall? :iconcannotevenplz:

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btw, he kind of has a job now, which is showing off half naked on my wall :iconimsopervyplz:
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